Sunday, May 18, 2014

Women In Love - Sissies through History

Sissy had sought out a quiet spot to read the newest novel by Mr. Lawrence. "Women In Love" turned out to be something other than she had thought but she felt her erection stirring under her skirts nonetheless as she read this passage over and over:

 “They looked at each other and laughed, then looked away, filled with darkness and secrecy. Then they kissed and remembered the magnificence of the night. It was so magnificent, such an inheritance of a universe of dark reality, that they were afraid to seem to remember. They hid away the remembrance and the knowledge.”

It reminded her so of her forbidden relationship with Winston! She would read it to him tonight when she sneaked into his chambers and then she would take his manhood into her mouth, just like last time. But for now she had to get back to the manor and back into the hated trousers before anyone came home!


  1. Such a lovely sissy, would that she could reveal herself...

    ... and would that I could wear that!

  2. This is lovely Kaaren. Simply lovely.