Friday, May 23, 2014

I Have A Date Tonight

I have a date tonight Sissy help me freshen up!

That's it Sissy get right in there, I want to be ready for whatever he wants to do!

He has the biggest cock Sissy! I wish you could use your talented tongue on him...maybe later...

Oh look Sissy I have smudge on my shoe...take care of that for me...

Very nice Sissy now give me some kisses...

Now let's make sure you won't get into any mischief while I'm out...

Let me just wipe my shoes and then you can run along and put on something pretty...the pink bra and panties the ones with the cute date might like seeing you in those!


  1. A wonderful series. Being left caged and locked is exactly the way we should be left on date night.

  2. awesome! very very sexy and exactly the way a sexy girl has to treat a sissy boy. I love the series. Won't you have the link to the complete video? I'd love to see him in a sissy dress waiting for her Mistress to come home with her macho ;o)