Saturday, October 28, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Ambassador To The Devil

The ambassador watched as the young lady stepped toward the elevator. The security personnel stopped her and informed her that the elevator was for embassy staff only!
She seemed confused and the ambassador stepped up to intervene...
"Excuse me Miss, I'm Robert Heywood, I'm the United States Ambassador to your lovely country....may I be of service to you?"
She was lovely and she blushed as she answered, her English was perfect but she still had a slight accent!
"Oh I'm so sorry Sir I didn't mean to....I was just going to the twelfth floor to meet my girlfriend for lunch....she works in the data processing unit....and I've never been here before and it's all so confusing that I just seem to have gotten turned around somehow..."
The ambassador smiled....she was very pretty....and she seemed so....helpless....
"Not to worry my dear, you can ride up with me and I'll show you where the data processing unit is....we can't have you being late for your luncheon appointment can we?"
He waved the security guard away...
"It's alright.....she's going to ride up with me..."
"Yes Mr. Ambassador, very good Sir."
They stepped onto the elevator together and as the doors slid shut he noted that the elevator operator was unfamiliar to him....
"Hello, what happened to Dennis? He's usually here this time of day."
"He reported in sick this morning Sir....So it's the twelfth floor then?"
"Yes the twelfth floor....wait a did you know that?"
"I ahhhh oh I...damn it now!!!!"
The ambassador felt the syringe in his neck  and then he fell to the floor....not unconscious....but unable to move!!!! The woman had done something to him from behind!!!
The two worked quickly together as they attached the skullcaps she had pulled from her purse....when they stopped he and the woman were connected by multiple wires leading from a small device....
"Are you sure you want to do this Marta? It is permanent, you can never come back!!!" the young elevator operator asked with genuine concern in his voice.
"For the glory of the nation....I am ready!"
She pushed the button and everything went black for a moment and suddenly he realized that he was looking at his body lying on the floor.....
"What the hell...." and he realized it wasn't his was hers!!!!
He had forgotten all about the young man behind him and once again he felt a syringe and then blackness fell over him!!!
When the doors slid open on the top floor of the embassy the ambassador strode out and instructed the elevator operator to take the young lady downstairs and get her to the medical staff!
He turned to the secretary, her name was Joan according to the files he'd studied, and gave her a warm smile.
"The poor woman was feeling faint.....I think she just needs some are things today?"
"It's a quiet day so far Mr. Ambassador!"
"Very good....please bring me the latest revised defense plans and put me through to the Vice President as soon as you can!"
"Yes Sir, right away!"
Inside the office she sat and pondered how the rest of the plan would play out....her body was probably already in a van being transported to it's destination....she shuddered a little as she thought of the indignities the ambassador would suffer while he lived in her skin!!!! She tried to put it out of her mind as she mentally pictured his life as a brothel slave for the political wasn't personal....but he was the enemy and she had made the sacrifice....she had given her body to the cause....
The secretary came in with the files he had requested.....many spies had died trying to get these very files and all he'd had to do was ask....
"Here are the files you wanted Sir and your call to the Vice President should come through in a few there anything else you need?"
"No....not right now, thank you!"
"That's good then I have time for this...."
Looking up from the files he watched his secretary fall to her knees and reach for the zipper of his trousers.....and as he enjoyed her attentions he noted that this little fact hadn't been in the dossier he'd studied about the ambassadors many other secrets did the man have?!?!?"

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