Sunday, October 8, 2017

Your Needs

"Of course I pay attention to your needs need to wear panties and you need to be caged and you need to be humiliated by licking his cum from my pussy....who could possibly take better care of your needs than me Sissy?"
"No one Ma'am!"
"Damned right Sissy now get busy....I want to cum more times before I go to sleep!!!!
"Yes Ma'am! Thank you Ma'am!!!"


  1. HE might think it's humiliating for me... SHE knows better. SHE knows it's the joy of my life to gently lick her pussy when she gets back from being with him...

  2. After the wife is licked clean and satisfied, her sissy can drift off to sleep savoring that distinctive flavor, and wake up in the morning still tasting it.