Friday, October 13, 2017

The Bench

She had only been in the dress shop for a few minutes and when she returned her boyfriend was gone!
She looked around and didn't see him anywhere but she did notice the sexy blonde watching her so closely....she was just the type he was always ogling so she must have sat down after he walked away or he'd have been here still, drooling over her!!!
Maybe she had seen which way he went....
"Excuse me, did you see a young man sitting here a few minutes ago?"
"What....what are you talking about?"
"I'm sorry, my boyfriend was here a few minutes ago and I seem to have lost track of him and I was wondering if you saw him walking away...."
"Is this some kind of game you're playing?"
"No....I'm serious....tall, brown hair, wearing a blue shirt and jeans....did you see him? He was sitting right here!"
"Emma, I don't know what you're going on about but I'm ready to go home so if you're done with this silly game let's go....I'm hungry!"
" do you know my name?"
"Emma, I've been living with you for two years and I'm not playing this silly game of yours....let's go home....."
" that you?"
"For gods sake Emma.....cut it out...."
"What happened to you!!!! How did this happen????"
"Alright Emma, I'll did what happen?"
 She took the blond by the hand and led her to the full length mirror in the dress shop! Pushing her in front of the mirror she waited for the reaction....
"So what am I supposed to see I have a stain or something?"
She looked in the mirror and there was her boyfriend Dave, just the same as ever....she turned back and there was the sexy blond pouting in front of the mirror!!!!
Was it just her....
She asked the nearest salesgirl for help...
"Excuse me....could you help friend is looking for a new dress....something sexy!"
"I don't know if we have anything that will fit him....he's a big hunk of man!!!"
She looked at him and saw the blond....she looked in the mirror and saw Dave....
"Let's go home.....I don't know what's going on....but as soon as we get home I want your clothes off!!!!"
The blond practically purred....
"Now you're talking Honey....I can't wait!!!!"

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