Saturday, October 14, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Haunted

The girls at Monroe college were all familiar with the legend.....the dorm was supposed to be haunted!
Legend had it that the founder roamed the halls late at night peeking at the girls and that when he picked one....well she found herself debauched and despoiled in the morning...and surely no man would have her then!!!!
Marylin was so scared....she didn't want to become one of "those" girls.....they all became ladies of easy virtue and stayed out past curfew cavorting with the college men! She was saving herself for her Arthur....he was so wonderful.....thoughtful and deep....someday he'd be a great writer.....
She shared her fears with her strong man and he laughed at first until he realized how serious she was!!!!
"Poor Dear, don't be afraid....I'll come tonight and sleep in your room with you and keep you safe!!!"
"Oh no Arthur, it would be wrong for you to spend a whole night in my room.....what will they say about me when they see you leave in the morning?"
"You're right of course, the campus gossips would destroy our reputations if they knew, even though I'd only be trying to keep my sweetheart safe and pure!"
"What if I disguised you as a girl....I could say you're my cousin from out of one would think twice about that!"
"Do you think I could fool anyone like that.....I am a man after all!!!"
"Oh Arthur....with your small frame and fine features I think we just might be able to pull it off....."
"Alright Dearest.....if nothing else it sounds like it will be great fun to pull the wool over everyone's eyes like that.....let's do it....but hanky-panky!!!"
"Oh Arthur, of course not.....there's time for that after we marry!!!"
She made him over and he settled into the bed next to her.....he was actually enjoying the silk nightgown she had given him to wear!!!!
"Arthur!!!" she exclaimed as she felt a nudge touch her bottom!!!!
"I'm sorry's just that I need to use the facilities....I'll be right back!"
She fell back to sleep as he slipped out of bed....
"Marylin!!!! Marylin!!!! Wake up!!!!"
She opened her eyes as her Swedish classmate shook her!!!!
"What is it Liv....what is it?"
They clung together as they heard a rhythmic thumping coming from across the darkened room accompanied by a long, low moan!!!!
Suddenly Marylin realized that Arthur hadn't returned from using the facilities.....
The noises were getting louder and Marylin could stand it no more....she reached for her small lamp and she saw it all.....
Her screams joined with he classmates as they was all true....the stories of the ghost....the founder.....picking out the prettiest and having his wicked way.....and she regretted that she had made Arthur so pretty....but it was too late for him now....
He had become the latest victim to be despoiled by Hefner's ghost!!!!

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