Wednesday, November 29, 2017


"Do you like it?"
"Oh yes, it's very pretty!"
"And the lace is so beautiful too, don't you think?"
"Oh yes, it's very beautiful!"
"And it's so smooth and soft and feels wonderful against my skin!"
"Yes I love it...."
"I'm glad you do because I bought you one for you to wear for me...."
"But.....I don't...."
"Except your is a lovely pink!"
"But I shouldn't...."
"And after we shave off all that nasty body hair you'll love how it feels against your smooth skin!"
"But I...."
"And you'll have all the beautiful lace that you like so much!!!"
"I can...."
"Do you want it?"
"Oh my god yes!!!"
"I thought so.....Sissy!!!"

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