Friday, November 3, 2017

TV Guide - Batman - The Lost Episodes

"Shhh little know you seem to wind up in bondage quite a bit for a I thought I'd add a little something to that this time....
"What have you done...."
"Let's call it the batcage Sissy Batman....I've locked you up and only I have the if you interfere with my plans to purrrrloin the perrrrfect Purrrrina Pussycat I'll give the key to the Joker.....I'm sure he'd love to have control of your Batgasms!!!!"
"But I thought you and I might someday...."
"I thought so too until I got those briefs off and had a little look....a real little look....let's just say my pussycat needs a lot more than you have to offer!!!!"

1 comment:

  1. Maybe Batman should really become Batgurl, or be "maid" catgurl.