Saturday, November 18, 2017

Toy Story 5 - Toys in the Attic

When Andy cane home from college he was curious to see his old toys left up in the attic for years. He pulled open the hatch and slowly climbed the ladder, he thought he heard some rustling and thought that maybe there might be a few mice up here.

Inside the box tonight's orgy was going full blast as the perversions and wild sex they had developed a taste for were in full view!!! Their moans of lust had almost drowned out the sounds of Andy approaching. Just as he reached the box they all froze!

When Andy opened the box he looked at the scene inside for only a moment....shaking his head he closed it again!
"I don't remember doing that but I'm glad Mom didn't see it!"
As he reached the ladder he thought he heard that rustling sound again!!! He'd come back and put some traps up here tomorrow!

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