Tuesday, November 21, 2017

So Close

She leaned over me.....the key so close....
"He's got such a big cock Sissy!!!! It fills me completely!!!! And he fucks me hard...like a man should!!!! Not like you Sissy....his dick stays hard long enough to get inside me....it stays hard....so hard....till I cum....over and over.....you'll see when he gets here Sissy....I want you to get on your knees and suck his big cock while I watch.....I want you to thank him for fucking me......I want you to humiliate yourself in front of him.....what do you have to say about that Sissy?"
"Thank you Ma'am!"
"That's exactly the right answer Sissy!!!!"


  1. "Thank you Ma'am!" As if a sissy could have any other response! :)

  2. And then she asks, "Sissy, do you think I should let him take the key until the next time he comes to visit?"