Saturday, February 18, 2017

Saturday Matinee - College Cinfidential

Across the hall Tommy could see the young couple locked in a lustful embrace....he tried not to stare but watching his arms around her, holding her, caressing made him so hot and bothered and he needed to control himself now.....this was his big night and he couldn't afford to mess it up now....
Suddenly Johnny was there in her doorway.....
"You not ready yet.....c'mon let's go....the party's already started!!!"
"I just have to throw on some clothes ....I'll be a few minutes......"
"You know what Tommy I think you look pretty good as you are....what do you think.....skip the party and maybe we'll have our own party tonight?"
"That is exactly what I was hoping you'd say.....make sure you lock the door...."
"No Baby....I think it'll be better with the door open!!!"
"Oh my god.....yes!!!!"

1 comment:

  1. ohh mio dio...lo dico anche io...!! mi fai eccitare all'idea di far l'amore mentre altri ci osservano ci ammirano ci desiderano si eccitano mentre guardano le nostre evoluzioni erotiche...!! le piccole e sexy sissy sono tra le più ambite perchè indosso hanno doni speciali, particolari...3/4 di femmina e 1/4 di dolce angioletto...!! baci baci baci