Saturday, February 4, 2017

Sissy School - Home For the Weekend

Although I was home for the weekend my wife told me she had other plans.....that left me home alone with her boyfriend.....I didn't mind.....I had some studying to do....

But it seemed her boyfriend was feeling a little horny.....this is where all my classwork is put to the test.....I give him my best girlish giggle and my best girlish wiggle to let him know that he can do what he wants.....

 He seemed receptive and he rubbed his hard cock against was a delightful tease on my sissy pussy!!!

 He followed through and I now knew why my wife love fucking him....because I loved it too....close the book because study time was over.....



  1. i'm finding i'm loving face pics during insertion more and more... this just adds to my love. hugs, sara

  2. I think the sissy will get an A on her homework

  3. a me successe una cosa simile quando ci radunammo a casa tra compagni di scuola per studiare insieme...alla fine ci lasciarono soli e gli altri tre compagni mi vestirono da femminuccia con i vestiti di una loro sorella ed io finì con la faccia sui libri alla pecorina mentre loro mi chiavavano bene...!! baci baci baci