Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunday is Game Day - Superbowl!!!

In an interesting rule change the NFL has decreed that the losing team would submit to becoming the feminized sissy slaves to the winners until training began for the next season!!!
It was a definite incentive to win....although some of those dropped passes and fumbles  made one question  just how committed some of the players were.....


  1. Some people are calling the Falcons "choke artists" and it looks like there are a few 'guys' there that are definitely going to choke on something!

  2. nòòò per carità per dei grossi maschi ed aiutanti atleti ci vogliono come da disegno dei premi più accattivanti come dolci piccole e femminee sissy-slave...come ad esempio me !! Kaaren sei grande e perversa e bella e fantasiosa baci baci baci !!