Saturday, February 25, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Disappeared

Ever since that day.....the day that his new "wife" came to the Manor....the day that she told the Lord and Lady Brentwood that their son Spencer had married her and disappeared on their wedding day.....suspicions had swirled around her!!!!
The documents she produced were legitimate...or at least they didn't seem was Spencer Brentwood's signature.....three different experts confirmed it and so, reluctantly, Selena was welcomed into the family!
As the bride of the only heir to the estate Selena was set to inherit the family fortune! Because of that they had hired a private investigator to follow her and report on her every move.....
Years went by and the old Lord passed away.....his last words were about his lost son!!!
Old Lady Brentwood now controlled the estate and she was quick to tell her son's "bride" that she was changing the will....the fortune was to be entirely left to charity !!!!
"Unless my son tells me differently that is my final decision!!!"
That night the investigator followed her as she drove down old back roads and trails....he had to stop and follow her on foot or he would give himself away!!!
Crouching nearby he watched her take a shovel from her trunk and begin to dig....
"They couldn't just accept has to be him....well they can have him back for a while and then it'll just be'll all be mine!!!!"
She reached down and pulled a small box from the ground.....
"I never thought I'd ever see this again!!!!"
She opened the box and an unearthly glow bathed her in an eerie light.....she took a glowing object from the box and said several guttural phrases and the glow of the light enveloped her.....and when it dimmed, Spencer Brentwood was there....wearing her clothes and she was nowhere in sight!!!!
The investigator watched in disbelief as the missing man calmly changed into clothing more appropriate, reburied the box and slipped into the car to drive back!!!
There was much joy at his return and he offered the weakest explanations to the many questions about where he had been!!!!
Three days later....after his mother had restored the include him and his wife she tragically fell down the long hallway staircase and died instantly!
After the estate was settled his wife Selena reappeared just as he once again vanished! She took over as the new Lady Brentwood and one of the first things she did was to authorize a yearly payment to a certain local wouldn't make him rich but it would make him comfortable!!!!
Sitting alone.....late one night....sipping a cognac.....Selena Brentwood lifted her glass to the portrait of the happy family.....
"If you had only loved me as I am instead of how you wanted me to be.....ah well it all ended up as it should....I'm Selena and Spencer will never be seen again!!!"

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  1. storia meravigliosa fantasiosa struggente piena di rimpianti ma bellissima e anche delicata...!! sei una stupenda scrittrice di brevi racconti baci baci baci fai emozionare!! baci baci baci