Friday, February 17, 2017


It was the sound of laughter that woke me.....I had dozed off at the beach and apparently I had dreamed something hot because my little clit was at full attention in my bikini which apparently had caused much amusement to the ladies!!!
So what does one do in this circumstance?
Do I smile and reach down and tuck it back where it belongs?
Do I pretend to sleep......with their laughter making me more and more excited?
Do I roll over and hide it in the sand?
A splash of icy cold water takes care of it for wife just wasn't having it!!!!
"Honestly Sissy! If you can't control yourself I'll go back to the room and get the cage and invite those girls to help me put your little bit in it!!!"
"I'm sorry Ma'am!" I said as my mind was already picturing that fantasy!!!! It wasn't helping my little problem at all!!!!

1 comment:

  1. io come sissy ho imparato a godermi la bellezza delle donne solo pensando di essere come loro sensuale eccitante e sexy...così non devo ogno volta ingabbiare il mio se pur piccolo peperoncino rosa...!! baci baci baci