Saturday, February 4, 2017

Saturday Matinee - The Home Front

After Pearl Harbor America jumped into in the tens of thousands rushed to fight for democracy....and when Germany declared war...well that just firmed their resolve as more and more young men shipped out over the two oceans to fight the enemy!!!
Some remained at home......some were physically unable to go to war and some had unique talents that made them indefensible!!!!
The war effort had a unique effect on who were deemed inappropriate for service worked alongside the strong women of the country and they became more and more like them!!!!
Bob Torkelson had flat feet......he wanted to be fighting the Japs or the Krauts but he had been given a job on the home front that was just as important to the war effort and it suited his particular "gift"!!!!
He had no problem with the women who had remained home and were doing their bit for Uncle Sam......but sometimes when the skirt came off he found that his duty was a little harder than he had thought it would be....
As he jumped down from his truck he remembered to bring his "helper" with him.....this house was tough.....he knew that he would be met with silks and satins and lace and frills....he knew he would be offered things that some men had only dreamed of.....he knew he could indulge any of his darkest fantasies here....
But damn it he had a job to do and there were housewives waiting for him to comfort and relieve them.....he couldn't spend all his efforts with this guy no matter how pretty he looked!!!!!
He was, after all, the Housewife Reliever.....and America counted on him!!!!

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