Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Are You Sure

"Are you sure Sister Kaaren, is this the life you really want? We have overlooked that little caged thing between your legs to allow you to be a novice in our order but we need to know if you're serious about your commitment!"
"Look at this nice hard cock...inches from your mouth...are you ready to give that up? It feels so hot in my hand I can only imagine how wonderful it would feel in my mouth...dripping his pre-cum onto my tongue as I sucked him harder and deeper...are you ready to give that up?"
"Yes Sister Kaaren, three days a week you'll have to give it up are you ready to make that commitment?"

"Give up sucking cocks for three days a week!!!! My God Sister!!!! How could I endure it??? What do we do to get through those three long days???"

"Well Sister Kaaren for those three days we kneel down, bow our heads and take it in the ass!!!"

"Where do I sign up?"