Saturday, January 3, 2015

Saturday Matinee - Dream Woman

Lab Journal Entry 1011:
I have finally perfected the formula! The young man I lured to my laboratory is now a voluptuous woman! I have adjusted the dosage to avoid the mistakes of the more turning them into one giant breast!
When this one wakes she shouldn't remember being a scientist she should only think of how she wants to please me!
I hope this works this time! I seem to have the male to female formula just about's the portion of the formula that get's them to want me that seems to be the tricky part!
Well I hope for success but I'm prepared for failure! Perhaps I should take her one time before I wake her into her new would be wrong!!!!


  1. Glad to see that the mad scientist has a good moral compass!

    1. Tell that to the three poor men he accidentally turned into giant breasts!!!