Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It Doesn't Fit Me

"It doesn't fit me so it must be yours...."
"Because if it's not mine and it's not yours then someone has some explaining to do..."
"Wait I think I remember...when Stacy came by last week...when she used the big strap-on with me, remember she took her bra off because she was getting so hot...it must be hers!"
"I do believe you're right Sissy, I'll have to invite her over to pick it up."
"But she's your assistant, you work with her every day...why would you..."
"Silly Sissy, don't you want me to invite her over?"
"You know what...you're right...we should have her over again!"
"You're such a slut, Sissy"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

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