Thursday, January 15, 2015

I Shouldn't Be Here

'But this is the girls locker room!!! I shouldn't be in here!"
"It's alright Sissy, the other girls all know I'm bringing you to cheerleader practice!"
"But's the girls locker room!!!! Boys aren't supposed to be in here....ever!!!"
"Boys! You make me laugh Sissy!! Boys aren't supposed to be dressed as pretty cheerleaders either! If you'd like to go over to the boys locker room I believe the football team just finished their practice! They're probably all walking around naked with their big cocks just waiting for a pretty sissy cheerleader to come along for them to use!!! If you like I can walk you over there!"
" please! I'd rather be with you girls please!"
"Let me finish getting dressed and we'll see how you do as one of the girls! Then we'll meet the boys later and then we'll really see how you do as one of the girls!!!"

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