Monday, January 12, 2015

Sissy School - A Little Problem

"Kaaren....Kaaren....wake up...please Kaaren...wake up...I need you!"
"Hmmm....what's going on Leeanne...what;s the problem?
"I had some dreams last night and I can't make it go down! I can't walk through the halls like this!!!"
"So you want me to take care of that for you Leeanne? Is that why you woke me up?"
"Please Kaaren!"
"Leeanne I'd love to, pull down those panties and I'll start your day with a smile!!!"


  1. Mmmm. Probably gonna dream again tonight sweetie.

  2. That's not a problem, that's an opportunity! An opportunity for me to show you how good I suck sissy cock; an opportunity for you to cu, and then relax; and opportunity for me to feel that rub cream rolling down my throat; and finally an opportunity for your Mistress to see the advantage of having a subbie to service the sissies.

    If I do a great job, you'll want more, and Mistress will have another thing to hold over your head. Sounds to me like everybody wins???