Tuesday, January 6, 2015

When They First Noticed Him

When the ladies in the lingerie boutique first noticed him they all shared a laugh.
"Just another Sissy!" They agreed.
But he was always polite when he declined their offers to help him find something "for his ladyfriend".
He was quiet and well behaved and unlike some of the men who shopped here he wasn't creepy!
He never lingered too long and he never fingered the merchandise!
After his twice-a-week visits had gone on for a while the salesladies began to feel bad for him!
"It's a shame why doesn't he just buy something!"
"He looks so nice...so what if he wants to wear lingerie!"
"Maybe we can do something for him...you know...give him a little push!"
They all agreed and when he came into the store the next tine they were ready! After he did his usual walkthrough and turned to leave he found his way blocked by the ladies! They handed him a large shopping bag!
"Please...take it with our complements!"
"Please enjoy them and don't ever hesitate to come shop with us! We'd love to help you!"
"We had to guess at the sizes, if anything doesn't fit just bring it back and we'll get you just what you need!"
He sincerely thanked them and as he left the store he wiped a tear from his face! Maybe...maybe someone understood him after all!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Over the years I've pretty much overcome my embarrassment while shopping for my dainties! But those first times were thrilling and in a way terrifying! It's the first brush with public exposure most sissies will encounter and it takes a while to work up the nerve to say"No, They're for me!"...
      I've encountered many different responses but mostly the salesladies have been nice and attentive, some have been a little curious too! There are two boutiques I frequently use when I need something new and the ladies there all know me as Kaaren and are always happy to see me....and my credit card too I guess!

  2. Most are indeed very nice. But his really is a touching tale!


    sissy terri