Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Switch

I had listened to them going at it until the noise died down about an hour ago...I thought perhaps they had fallen asleep.
I was surprised to find him at my sissy bedroom door, hard and ready and most importantly...very interested!!!
Soon I was on my hands and knees and the same cock that was inside my wife was making me moan like a bitch in heat. That's when I saw her from the corner of my eye!
We had switched roles completely! Her man was fucking me into ecstasy while she was the one watching!!!


  1. what is that in back hitting her in the legs?

    1. The back of her robe, you wouldn't expect her to roam about the house naked would you!!!

  2. As a sissy in training, several years ago, I had the pleasure of listening to my mistress/wife in the heat of sexual bliss with her lover, from another room. It took many years before she and he invited me inside the bedroom to sit, in lingerie and chastity, to watch. Since I was a good watcher my mistress/wife made me watch more and more. It was during our sexual play when my mistress/wife would train my sissyhole with her strapon,that she would ask me if I wanted a real cock to use my sissyhole. One day during their play and my watching, my mistress/wife left the room. Her bull lover stood up next to me and told me to keep it hard until she returned. Using my hand and mouth to keep him hard was actually getting him close to squirting. He took my hand and pulled me up onto the bed. He then took off my panty and laid on my back, telling me I hear you want a real cock. He made me repeat my answer over and over all the while fingering my hole with a lubed finger. He took what me wanted and I got what I wanted. I was no more embarassed, as I was lifting my ass begging for more, than when I looked up and seen my mistress/wife standing against the bedroom wall watching. She had a sly smile on her face and her finger on her clit rubbing away. It was the most satiating time of my life.