Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saturday Matinee - Enslaved

Explorer Richard Drake had ventured further into the deep jungle than any man before him! When his guides warned him about the Wild Women of Wangbu he had thought it was only a legend! When he woke and found himself surrounded by a tribe of women he realized his mistake!
For several days they made their way through the dense jungle on hidden trails and eventually came to the village of Wangbu! He saw no men!
For the next week he was forced to have sex with almost every adult woman in the village! On his eighth day of captivity they brought him before the witch doctor!
"Your seed has been planted and we will have new blood in the tribe! You must stay and mother these babes! But men are not permitted here!"
He gasped as they took hold of his arms and legs!
"Remove the offending organ so that he may be one of us!"
"No!" he screamed when he realized their intention!
"No!!! please god no!!!!!"
""Soon you will be one of us....A wanton woman of Wangbu! Proceed!"
His screams were lost in the jungle!!!

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