Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Another Visit to the Analyst

Despite the fact that she'd already helped me so much, my analyst, Dr Dee Mentia contacted me and told me for our next session I should meet her in front of her building at 2!
She was waiting for me when I arrived promptly at 2!
"Very good Kaaren, you've learned you don't have to provoke someone by your constant tardiness to get what you want! If you want a spanking what do you do?"
"I politely ask to be spanked and offer my bottom!"
"Very good! Today we're going to work on your public exposure and humiliation fetishes!"
"I look forward to your help Dr Mentia!"
"Our exercise today is simple, we're going to walk around the block and every time we pass my building you'll remove one piece of clothing and you'll tell me how it makes you feel! When you get down to just your pretty little panties the decision to continue will be entirely up to you!"
"I'm scared Dr. Mentia!"
"No need Sissy I'll be right behind you all the way!"
"Okay! You always know what's best! But can I ask you one thing?"
Anything Kaaren."
"When we're done would you please consider giving me a good spanking?"
"If that will make you feel better Kaaren! After all I'm only trying to help you!"
"Thank you Doctor!"
"Start walking Sissy!"


  1. This might take a bit of time .. I should have had you wear less clothing!

    Cute story sissy! I'll make sure the leather tongue of my crop is nicely oiled for you!

  2. Dr. Mentia will soon have a stable full of sissy patients once their wives learn of her break-through techniques for helping sissies handle their kinks, er, I mean anxieties.