Saturday, June 6, 2015

Saturday Matinee - Rescue In Space

Their mission was to rescue Captain Ray "Raygun" Bannister from his captors on the planet E-Fem 14 and they were almost there! Commander Scott and Lieutenant Andrews were the only ones to make it back to the ship! God knows what would happen to the seven other good men who had fallen!
The changes they had made to "Raygun" were terrifying to the two men as they carried the listless female form to the ship!
Each man wondered about what they had done to him! He had been held by them for 14 months!!! They had needed the retina scanner just to make sure it was...him!!!
"Don't worry Raygun, the best scientists in the empire are waiting! They'll have you back to normal in no time!!!" Commander Scott shouted to the semiconscious Captain in his arms!
"" they heard him say in a high whispery voice!
"He's delirious Scotty we have to get him home and fast!"
"Don't worry Andrews, the ship is already programmed for the light speed jump...just another moment and we'll be...."
Rough hands seized them as they entered the ship and soon they too were captives! They couldn't believe their eyes when "Raygun" Bannister fell at the aliens feet sobbing and thanking them for rescuing him!
Looking at the captive space commandos the alien smiled...if that's what you would call it....
"I'm so glad you came Earthmen! Our pet here needed some playmates and you will be perfect! Take them to the labs for treatment!!!"
Their screams were lost  in the vacuum of space!!!

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