Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Family Life

"Bobby, have you had your Squirt today!"
"Gosh no Mom! And I really, really want it!"
"I understand Bobby, all the boys love that Squirt! But I don't want you keeping it all to yourself...make sure you share your Squirt with Cindy!"
"Golly Mom do I have to call him Cindy? I liked him better when he was Andy!"
"You mind me now! Go and have your Squirt with your sister!"
From behind her Mom heard Dad!
"Hey Sweetie how about my Squirt? I can't remember the last Squirt I had!"
"You behave and maybe I'll give you a Squirt in a couple of weeks!!!! Now go change, Toby is coming over and I'll want you to make sure he gets his Squirt tonight!"
"Whatever you say Dearest!!!"

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