Saturday, April 23, 2016

Saturday Matinee - One Wish

"Who are you??? What happened to Tom Stuart???"
"It's me least that used to be me!!!"
"Tom? No it can't be real!!!! How....Why!!!!"
"You remember that little statuette I found on our last dig? Remember I told you it was different!!! I combed through the archaeological journals and I finally found a mention of it in an ancient Sumerian was considered would grant one wish....the Sumerians thought it was so dangerous that they hid it away....and there it stayed until we found it!!!"
"Can it be real??? Tom, this was your wish? Why....why would you want to be a woman???"
"I've always wanted to be a woman was my was what I wanted more than anything....and look....don't you think I'm beautiful?"
"Yes...." Steve gulped as he said it...the reality of it all crashing in on him!!!!
"I want you to have it granted my wish and it won't work for me again...take it....use your wish to be what you desire most in the fulfill your deepest darkest desire....go ahead deserve it just as much as I did!!!"
With shaking hands Steve reached for the small statuette...the brass monkey....and his wish...his darkest deepest wish  formed in his mind and suddenly he felt a strange sensation and then the world changed!!!
Tom watched while his dearest friend made his wish and it seemed as though he had simply vanished but looking closer he found the prettiest pair of panties he had ever seen!!!
"Really, if that's what he wanted then who am I to judge?" Tom said as he slid them on!!!
He thought he could hear a sigh as he snugged them up against his new body!!!!
He picked up the brass monkey from where it had fallen and put it in a drawer...he would share it again but for now....he stripped off all his clothes....except for his panties...and enjoyed his new body!!!!

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