Saturday, April 2, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Against His Will Part 5

She looked at the bills again and then at her bank balance....again, and it was only too apparent! Even with the cash she made from selling the cars to the chop shop she had no other income and the machine had cost so much and the upkeep of Jamie and Bonny and the pussycat Claire cost so much!!!! If she didn't do something soon she would be broke!!!!
Adding to her worries she had received phone calls from the State Police and the FBI, who were looking into what they said were mysterious disappearances in the area!!!
Not so mysterious she thought as she absentmindedly patted the pussy cats head. Claire Robinson...her mind destroyed by the machine rubbed against her like the pussy cat she had become!
She reached for the phone and called Tony at the chop shop and asked him if he would be interested in any other type of merchandise.....human merchandise!
Tony had been cagey on the phone and promised to call her back....
Fifteen anxious minutes passed when the phone rang!
"Susie....if your merchandise is what I think it is, I have a client that will pay $150,000 for it, 100 thou for you and 50 for me but I'll have to check it first!!!!"
"That much!!!! Alright please come over right away and I'll let you see what I have!"
In less than an hour Tony was looking at the three transformed people in her living room!
""OK Susie....I want that one....and I'll take any more that you....come across!!!"
"Are you sure that's the one you want?"
"My client was very specific!"
"What about the money?"
"It's a COD deal Susie....when I deliver my client pays....then I'll be back to give you yours!!!"
"How do I know I can trust you?"
"Susie, you hurt me....I'm a man of my word and more than that I'm a businessman....I've got a feeling we can do business for a long and profitable future!!!!"
""But are you sure you want that one....I really like that one...."
"It's business's a quick sale!!!!"
"Alright take it.....I'm pretty much done with it anyway!"
"Best decision you made today Susie!!!! I have my truck outside and we'll be gone in a few minutes....listen...does this thing you do....I mean if I brought you some people could you..."
"Yes I could....but I'm not sure I'd want to...."
"100 grand each Susie....we could both be very rich!!!!"
"I'll think it please just go!!!!"
The transformed man made no complaints as he was loaded into the shipping crate and Susie stifled a sob as the truck rolled away!!!!
Thankfully she still had Bonny to see to her needs and as he brought her to orgasm for the third time she realized her financial troubles were over.....she would miss Jamie but maybe soon she would have the chance to create another one just like him.....her sighs of pleasure changed to laughter that echoed through the house.....

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  1. Mmmmm loving this so much. Wonderful stuff....please please please keep writing