Saturday, April 9, 2016

Saturday Matinee - The Lonesome Lake

He had guessed right!!!! She was here again!!! He marveled at her beauty....her innocence....she swam in all her natural glory in the lake....he had never seen a woman like this....naked and bold and unashamed to enjoy herself as she laughed at whatever private joke she was thinking!!!!!
He returned now, day after day, to watch her.....
Who was she he wondered. She wasn't one of the settler women....he knew all of them....good god-fearing sturdy women....aged beyond their years by arduous work and childbirth!!!
She also wasn't one of the swarthy red natives....they shunned this place and had warned him against exploring this area but he was so glad he had ignored them as she climbed out of the water and displayed all of her feminine charms to his hungry eyes!!!!
He watched her until she moved into the denser brush and as he waited to see her emerge he noticed the man!!!!
He was one of the men from the settlement....he hurried away back in that direction....another admirer he thought.....I'll get him alone and find out what he knows!!!!
The next day he pulled the man aside, he hadn't realized how small a man he was from a distance....but close up like this he realized he could intimidate the man very easily!!!!
"Who is she?" he demanded!
"Who do you mean Sir?"
"You know damned well who I mean....the girl in the lake...I saw that you were there too!!!! Tell me who she is for she has inflamed my passions beyond all bounds!!!"
"Do you want her Sir? As your wife or just as your conquest? Would you take her into your house or would you use her and discard her as a whore?"
"Well of course I could never take such a woman into my house but she seems like she would welcome my attentions....a girl like that probably would welcome anyone's attention....after all she frolics in only her natural beauty for anyone to see.....she must have only the loosest of moral standards!"
The little man sighed....
"I can bring her to you if that is what you truly wish?"
"Yes I want to have her!!!"
Together they walked the new trail to the lake....on arrival he was shocked as the little man removed his clothing!!!!
"Just watch!" he said as he waded into the still blue waters.
Slowly a glow appeared around him and he became the all her naked glory!!!!
"What devilry is this!!!! It's witchcraft!!!!" he shrieked!!!!
""Nonsense" the girl replied in a voice as sweet as honey, "It's magic all right but it's good magic!!! The magic of the lake!
"But how...why...."
"Ask no questions my love....come join me and show m show you will treat a girl like me....come use me as your whore, for that is how you think of you said I welcome your attentions!"
He tore off his clothes and ran into the cold water and as he reached her he felt something happening to was an odd feeling ....not pain but discomfort....and as it subsided he realized that the magic of the lake had worked on him as well for he now found he had an ample bosom and a woman's body in full!!!!
"What have you done to me?" He shouted!!!!
The beautiful girl reached to him and kissed him tenderly.....
"You make a very comely woman!" she said "It's a shame I can't keep you for myself!!!! Goodbye....I'll always remember you!!!"
He felt something stir in the water as the girl stepped away!!! For a moment he saw it.....something that rose up from under the water...something that rose up from some primordial defied was ancient evil.....and before he could even utter a scream it had swallowed him whole!!!!
Turning toward the girl, it's yellow eyes's voice boomed at her!!!!
"I'm sorry my lord....I tried to stop him...."
"I'll try harder my lord!!!"
"ALRIGHT!" the beasts voice boomed as he began to slip under water, "SEE THAT YOU DO....NOW I'LL TAKE A NAP....I ALWAYS LIKE TO REST AFTER A MEAL!!!"
"Yes my lord!!!!"

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