Saturday, April 30, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Terms of the Will

She laughed as she heard him groan! Even unconscious he reacted to the changes!!!

They sat in their fathers Lawyers office....richly appointed and smelling quite clearly of their clients money!!! The brother and sister waited without speaking as the lawyer unsealed the will and, in a sonorous tone, began reading the terms.
She had always been the bad girl while her goody two-shoes brother had always been at their fathers side! She didn't expect much of the estate....her father would probably only leave her a small allowance to allow her to live as she had always lived....spoiled and more than a little nasty!
As the lawyer read through the legalities and small bequests to friends and servants she eyed her brother....he had shut her out years ago....after she had ruined his best friend in a well publicized sex scandal!!!!
As if that hadn't been enough she had seduced and discarded his beautiful fiance' and left the poor girl to face a lifetime of regret and shame!!!
It was really no wonder he wouldn't speak to her! She smiled a little as she thought of the pain she had caused him!!!
Finally the lawyer addressed the two of them.
"And finally to my son and daughter, to my daughter who has shown herself to be a wanton slut and has displayed cruelty beyond my imagining I leave nothing except my deepest regret for fathering her and inflicting her on the world...."
Thee was more, including the part where her brother got everything....the money, the company, the houses, the stocks and bonds.....everything!!!
She stormed out of the office and the only thought on her mind was revenge against her father and her brother too....

Now she looked down and the swirling chemicals had already worked their magic on his lower half....he was no longer what he had been as his manhood had been completely replaced by a new feminine physique!!! She considered leaving him like this....a man above and a woman might be fun to keep him as a freak but she had other plans for him!
She slowly pushed him down further and he groaned loudly as the change began almost immediately! His body was shifting as the chemicals worked into his skin and changed him....changed him into a voluptuous woman!!!!
Soon she would force his head under and poor little Edward P. Tompkins Jr. would be gone forever and her new whore would be born...and she would use her new toy in any way she wanted!!! And after seven years passed she would have him declared legally dead and she would take over the estate as the only living heir!!!!
She laughed as he groaned again....she now knew that sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too!!!


  1. .. and everything else in the fridge too!

    Very evil .. I approve!

    1. Thanks so much Dee!!! It started out so much differently then it went to the Dark Side all on it's own!!!!