Thursday, April 21, 2016

Bedroom Humiliation

"Go ahead a striptease for me!"
He wanted me to strip for him!!!! He wanted me to dance like a sexy stripper!!!
I glanced at my wife who only nodded at me as her hand moved between her legs, rubbing herself through her pretty panties, already so wet that I could see from here!!!!
"I'm waiting Sissy!"
Slowly I began to move and sway to music only I could hear.....I tried my best to be seductive.....I tried my best to be a slutty stripper for must have worked because I could see the bulge in his pants!!!!
Please, I silently pleaded, I'm so embarrassed.....I'd be so much happier if he would just ask me to suck his cock.....but instead I wiggled my ass and peeled off my clothes....acting like a slut...for face burning red with the humiliation and my clitty trying it's best to grow in it's little cage!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Afterwards i can almost cum just from reliving the humiliation!!!!