Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Payback

It had been him all along....he had arranged his kidnapping! He had ordered the torture that almost broke his body, mind and soul!!!! He had ordered the transformative surgeries!!! He had ordered the weeks of deep and intense hypnosis that had buried him under a personality that was not his own!!! He had used this body for his sick and perverse pleasures!!!!
But his mind was his own again now....he had no idea what broke the hypnotic spell he had been under but the last few years of memories filled him with horror and revulsion!!!!
He was no longer Alexander Parker....for the last few years he had been Sandra Parker....a woman treated as less than a whore by the evil bastard that did this to her....
She could hear the footsteps coming up the stairs and his rough voice calling to tell her he was home and he wanted....oh my god he wanted her "On your knees and ready!"
That was okay, she would be waiting....just as he asked....and when the time was right she was going to show him what it was like to be robbed of his manhood.....and she would laugh as she watched him writhe in pain and recoil in horror as she used the scissors to make sure it was permanent!!!!
His goons would probably kill her but it would be worth it to see his face as she made that first cut!!!

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