Friday, April 15, 2016

Special Panties

"It's funny....the last time I was here to visit I lost a pair of panties just like these.....imagine my surprise when I found them under your have something you want to tell me or should I just tell your parents??? I'm sure they would love to hear about how you stole a pair of my panties and have been jerking off in them for weeks now!!!"
"We have a lot to talk about.....I'll be doing most of the talking because you're going to have these panties in your mouth and you're going to do your best to suck all your nasty dried cum out of them!!!"
"You can't....!"
"Oh yes I wide Sissy....we're about to become a lot more than just cousins!!!"


  1. i guess now is the humiliating time i have to say, "i'll do anything...please don't." And start tenting the panties i'm wearing now! sara

    1. If you make any drippies in your pretty panties she may make you clean them too!!!!