Sunday, April 9, 2017

Date Night

When they came home they only had eyes for each other!!! I knelt obediently waiting as their hands explored each other....I tried not to look but how could I keep my eyes turned away???
She was so beautiful and he was a very handsome man.....and I already knew he was big....she told me before he picked her up for their night out!!!
He was very successful too.....he had looks, money, power and everything he ever wanted....and tonight he wanted my wife.....he caught my eye as he slid her short dress up.....revealing the pretty panties that I had picked out for her to wear......he smiled and winked at me as he slid his hand over her sweet little ass....
Tonight he would take her and she would feel a real man inside her....and I would kneel close by and watch....and we would all get what we wanted!!!!

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