Friday, April 28, 2017


"You sissies behave promise there will be no shenanigans?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Alright then.....we'll be just downstairs with the girls if you need anything..."
"Okay dear..."
It wasn't more than a minute later that dresses were up and panties were off and as I sucked greedily on the sissy cock in front of me I heard the door open....than I heard the laughter....then I heard my wife....
"I told you....didn't I.....sluts....all of them....sissies are which one of you bet that it was going to be under 5 minutes....."
There was more laughter but all I could think of was this delightfully feminine cock in my mouth.....perfumed and perfect....I couldn't wait to taste her sweet sissy cream and I didn't care who was watching!!!!!

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