Saturday, April 8, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Rocky Jones, Space Ranger

"Tell me how you did it?!?!?"
Her small fist hit him was hurting her hand more than it was hurting his face!!!
"Tell me!!!"
"I got nothing to say....."
She hit him again, suppressing the urge to scream at how much it hurt her hand!!!
"You've got nothing to say!!!!  I wake up in a strange ship and I'm.....I'm a girl for god's sake....and you've got nothing to say!!!"
She hit him again only this time she involuntarily winced at the pain in her small hand!!!
The man chuckled....
"You used to hit harder than that Rocky...I like you better this way!!!"
Infuriated the Space Ranger began pummeling him as he just laughed...
"Where are we going....the ship's auto-pilot wouldn't tell me!?!?!?"
"Just a little backwater planet in the Centauri System....they don't have a lot of women there so you're going to be really popular.....I should get a high price for you!!!"
"You're taking me to a....slave world!!! You're a monster!!!! Turn this ship around or I'll kill you!"
"Sorry, I'm just minding you till we get there....I don't know anything else about it!!! Everything is on automatic....the ship knows where it's don't need us.....get used to it Rocky....your Space Ranger days are over!!!"
He flexed his huge muscles and snapped the flimsy bonds that were holding him....
"Alright now let's get you settled for the night.....and I just want you to know.....I wouldn't wish what's going to happen to you on my worst enemy....those guys on that planet....they're pretty rough....."
"Maybe....maybe you and I could make some kind of deal....."
"Sorry Rocky, I'm well paid and as a bonus I always get to go first!"
"What do you mean, go first? Oh my god you can't that!!!!
His laughter echoed through the ship....the 59 other transformed men slept in hibernation....tomorrow he'd put Rocky back and pick another playmate after all it was a long way to Centauri!!!


  1. But what happened to Winky? I bet it was Cleolanta all along that had Rocky in this predicament! If only he had chosen her over Vena. I mean, who wouldn't want Cleolanta? Mmm yummy!

    Great job as usual on these Saturday Matinee posts. Also, I posted a cuckold caption on Wednesday. Wasn't sure if you had seen it yet.

    1. I don't know about yours but my Winky has been caged for quite a while!!! I wonder Dee, is there anybody other than you who would have gotten the reference!!!
      I saw the cap but have been crazy pressed for time lately....she wants the house cleaned from top to bottom and I've been a very busy sissy maid for the past week or so!!!
      Thanks for the kind words!