Sunday, April 23, 2017


"Go ahead know what I told you to do!!!!"
" I have to?"
"Of course you have to...I said so didn't I? Now go on....."
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"
The salesman smiled as I approached him....
"Excuse me, I was wondering if you could help me?"
"Yes....Miss....what can I do for you?"
He was cute....a million ideas of what he could do for me popped into my head but I had to focus....
"I was wondering where I could find the male chastity devices?"
"Excuse me....what is it you're looking for?"
As instructed I pulled up my skirt revealing my little panty bulge....
"I need a male chastity device to make sure I don't play with my little clit while my wife's not home!"
I was blushing beet red....
"Um...I don't think we carry anything like that....maybe you should check with my manager...."
My wife stepped closer, looping her arm through mine....
"What a wonderful idea," she said. "We'll be sure to do just that.....thank the young man Sissy!"
I thanked him and gave him a quick curtsy and then my wife guided me out of the store toward the parking lot...
"Embarrassed Sissy?"
"Very much!"
"Very much!!!!"
"Me too Sissy, I'm going to need your attention as soon as possible!!!"
"It would be my pleasure Ma'am!"
"I know it will Sissy, now hurry to the car!!!!"

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