Saturday, April 1, 2017

Saturday Matinee - The Fiendish Device Chapter 4

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Chapter 3

Years had passed and Rex had not rescued him from the depravities and wanton lusts of his captors! His body was still alien to him and he cringed as he thought how his masters had used him!!!!
He had been traded as if he was an animal.....he had been lost on a wager by one master only to be gambled away by the next!
Now Tommy found himself as a servant of the Maharajah and he was given more freedom than he was used to and he slowly began his plan for escape!!!
The grapes.....he loved to eat the grapes.....that was how he would escape....
He endured the many ways that he had been used....although some had felt very good....but he was a man....and he would reclaim his manhood some day....but first he needed his freedom....
He carefully coated each grape with the was odorless and tasteless....and it killed slowly and painfully.....
As the Maharajah called for his guards to help him Tommy just laughed!!!!
"They're already dying or they're already dead!!!! They always wanted a little taste of whatever you were having....including now they're lying outside your door dead as you will soon be!!! I'm going home and I'm going to find Rex and save him too!!!"
As the Maharajah gasped his last Tommy grabbed as many of his jewels as she could and swept off into the night....
"Don't worry Rex! I'm coming to help you!!!"

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