Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Instinct - Sissy Training

It's natural for your sissy to become aroused while he watches you make love with a real man....and of course his first instinct is to reach down for that disappointing little clit....that's why chastity is so important!!!
Sissy must understand that your orgasms and your lover's orgasms are the only ones he should be concerned with.....there will be no unauthorized sissy cummies!!!!


  1. I wonder how much hypnosis could work to keep someone "mentally" in a chastity device?

    I mean, that thing looks stupidly unsanitary.

    And talk about a power trip if you could only get an erection / cum by a trigger phrase said by your mistress, and until then, direct your sexual pleasure to a different part of your body, iike your nipples?

    1. You know of course that supervised removal for hygienic reasons happens fairly often and we have more than one.....while the other gets cleaned....
      It becomes almost like when you wear a ring every day and you don't feel right without it....the last time she released me for some length of time it was me who asked for it back and I snapped the lock in was me who gave her the keys....and while I might whine about it from time to time I have never said the word that means instant release.....a safety valve that she insisted on...not me!
      I'd be interested in having a trigger phrase like that but knowing my wife's sense of humor I can just imagine the times when she would choose to use it!!!
      OMG Dee, you've just given me another fantasy to explore!!!!