Sunday, April 30, 2017

Any Side Effects

"I really don't know why she insists that I get these vitamin shots Doctor, I really feel fine!"
"Why don't you let your wife and I be the judge of that......have you noticed any side effects since we began your regimen....your vitamin regimen?"
"Well yeah....maybe a couple...."
"And what are they?"
"I'm kind of embarrassed to say but my chest seems a little swollen and....and nipples seem to be extra sensitive...."
"All perfectly normal...I think perhaps now the best idea would be to increase the dosage!"


  1. A healthy sissy is a happy sissy!

  2. After a few more treatments the sissy will feel languidly passive and worry much less about those side effects. Bottom getting rounder? Well... it looks kind of... nice. (giggle, giggle)