Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I May Be A Sissy

Yes I'm a sissy....I wear panties and I suck cocks.....but I'm married to a beautiful woman and although I don't really have a cock like a real man.....that doesn't mean I can't give her pleasure....because I serve her with no expectation of anything in return I can spend all of my time with her to learn what it is that she really likes.....and giving her pleasure is my ultimate goal!!!!
When she needs a man she takes a man but when she wants to cum....well I can make her cum....over and over....all night long if she wants!!!!!
Don't judge....It works for us!!!!!


  1. I really enjoy reading about your relationship- so supportive of one another- and still hoping to read more about how you met, and how your relationship grew to this point.



  2. "I serve her with no expectation of anything in return." That, right there, sums up precisely how I feel about my wife/Mistress. She doesn't always get it, but you do. :)