Friday, May 26, 2017

TV Guide - I Dream of Jeanie: The Lost Episode

"Hello was your day?"
"Very intense Jeanie....I need to relax and unwind...."
"I can help with that Master....what do you wish?
"I'm not sure Jeanie.....why don't you surprise me?"
"Oh Master.....shall we play virgin schoolgirl again? You seemed to really enjoy it last time...."
"That would be fine Jeanie...."
With a blink his military uniform had become a short pleated skirt and Jeanie had grown a large and impressive bulge under her dress....
Fade out to commercial.....


  1. What? I never saw that episode! I dreamed about it, sure, but I always seemed to miss it when it was on. :)

    1. Really Sally....just imagine if you could trade places with Major Nelson there....and have a beautiful genii grant you anything you wished for at any time without would I even begin!!!
      Love Kaaren

  2. Meanwhile, on Bewitched, Endora is upset with Darren... again. This time she turns him into a girl and magically transports him to a pick-up bar full of sailors who've just gotten their first shore leave in a month.