Sunday, May 28, 2017

Recycling - Sissy Training

Sissy must learn to eat his own cum....this is very important!!! Once he's used to eating his own it's a small step to him eating your lovers cum....
Start slow....make him earn his orgasms and keep him in chastity for longer and longer periods....make sure he understands that cumming is a privilege he has to earn.....and that begins with licking up his sissy cream....if he resists add a month to his chastity.....after a time he will associate eating his cum with the pleasure of cumming......then soon sissy will realize that cum equals pleasure.....and it really doesn't matter whose cum it is....
Soon...the chastity stays on indefinitely and sissy is constantly hoping for a creamy mouthful!!!!
Then you can start training him to suck your lovers cock....


  1. I find the real trick is limiting him to sissygasms - all the gooey mess, with none of the post-orgasm second-thoughts!

  2. My wife limits me to one ejaculation every 4-6 weeks. The last one filled a very large serving spoon and I ate it all. She actually made me ejaculate twice in a few minute so i could keep filling the spoon. It was a really big load of semen. My next ejaculation is in a little over a month.