Friday, May 12, 2017

Ten Hutt

She had suspected as much....after all his browser history was full of Sissy Blogs and she saw that he had even commented on some of them....but she wasn't sure till she came home and saw it with her own eyes!!!!
"Ten Hutt" she shouted!!!
His instincts.....his well trained reflexes kicked in......and he snapped to "attention"!!!!
"As you were Sergeant....." she said with a smile!!!
"Is that my nightie you're wearing?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"That just won't do.....I won't have you stretching out my clothes.....go get a coat and we'll go shopping and get you lots of frilly things to wear....then we'll read some of your favorite Sissy blogs together!"
"Oh yes Ma'am!!! I'd like that very much!!!!"
"Yes I thought you would!!!!"


  1. I just LOVE a man in uniform.