Friday, May 19, 2017


"I usually keep him caged Mom...."
"Yes Dear....rightly so....this cute little baby cock isn't going to do anyone any good....certainly not when you want a man......"
"But it is cute isn't it?"
"Just like a little baby's.....did I tell you that your old friend Tim had moved back in next door.....his Dad needed the help....why don't you go say "Hi" while I take care of your Sissy husband?"
"Oh gosh Mom...are you still matchmaking? I haven't seen Tim in years....but as I recall he was particularly gifted in one area!!!!"
"Go and see him.....I told him you'd come by....."
"Well I would love to....see him again!"
"Go Baby....I'll keep your Sissy occupied till you get back!"
"OK Mom.....but he's not allowed to cum....just so you know!"
"Oh honey......I didn't let your father cum for years and years....I know what I'm doing!!!"


  1. My wife knows what she is doing too and I love it! I do not ejaculate until she gives me permission. It's been 4+ weeks now and soon she will let me squirt and feed me my semen. I cannot wait! I want it so bad.

  2. My wife keeps me in chastity so I can't ejaculate. It's been 2 months now and I have one more month to go before release. My wife's mother and sister knows I'm kept in chastity and they think it's a great idea.