Saturday, May 13, 2017

Saturday Matinee - A Walk in the Park

"Hi....I'd like to talk with you for a few minutes....why don't you have a seat...."
She looked so familiar....
"Sure I have a few minutes..."
"I want you to understand I have only your best interests at heart...."
He stared at her familiar....
"I know the future and I only want whats best for you...."
So familiar....
"In a few minutes a man is going to come by and sit on this bench...he's a very rich man and he will offer you a life that you can't even imagine....and all you have to do is agree to become his wife...."
" could I be anyone's wife....I'm a man...."
"He'll take care of that.....I have to go now...I can't be here when he gets here....remember what I will be the best life you can imagine....."
"Wait who are you?"
"I'm you Baby.....ten years after today.....just do what I said!!!"
In a crackle of electricity she was gone!!!
A gentleman appeared in a few minutes and sat on the bench.....
He leaned over and whispered
"I'd like to make you an offer....."


  1. Hmmm, a bench that changes people into another gender or make them a sissy?

    I think it is WAY too ludicrous to base even one post on, never mind a whole universe!

    Madness I say! Utter Madness!

    1. I actually bought a bench for our back yard....I go sit on it all the time and....nothing happens.....I have to find the switch that turns on the magic....
      As always, thanks for the feedback Dee....I don't get many comments and every one is appreciated.....especially about the Matinees as I think they are the ones I usually work on the hardest!!!