Monday, May 1, 2017

What Do You Think

"What do you think you like it?"
"It's very pretty..."
"With all that pretty new lingerie you just have to have a pretty new dress....don't you think?"
"Yes dear it's all very pretty and if you want it let's get it so we can go home!!!"
"Oh you are such a silly.....before we buy it you'll have to try it on....I'm not going home with the wrong size dress for you!!!"
" I have to?"
"Oh yes and you can take your new bra and panties into the changing room with you....I want to see the complete package when you come out and show me...."
"But what about...."
"Now....go try it on.....NOW!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"


  1. OMG. I would be so embarrassed .. and probably turned on .. and then embarrassed again!

    Not sure which one would be worse, a busy story like JC Penney or a quiet little store in a small town where word could travel fast!

    1. The first time for me was in a small boutique....While I was holding our earlier purchases my wife and the salesladies were talking and laughing just out of earshot....when the two ladies began measuring me I wanted to run for the door....
      I spent the next hour and a half trying on dresses and modeling them for my wife and whoever else was in the store.....
      I didn't need to try on the new bra and panty set because I was already wearing a very pretty one....
      We finally purchased 4 beautiful dresses for me and the salesladies told us we'd made their day and that we should come back anytime!!!!
      I wasn't in chastity then and this played out in my fantasies frequently as I stroked my little clit...