Saturday, May 6, 2017

Saturday Matinee - The Exquisite Torture

"Leave him alone you bastard!!!!"
"Come now Agent Zimbalist....surely you can't still consider your former partner as a male....look at creation.....isn't she beautiful?"
"You'll never get away with this....the Bureau will send others....they'll get you and when they do I'll be there to take you down!!!!
"Send others? I hope business depends on having fresh new virgins to ship to my buyers....and you are all so healthy and clean..."
" bastard....leave Abbott alone....haven't you done god you've made him a woman for gods sake and you've destroyed his mind.....what new torture do you have for him?"
"Oh no you don't understand the exquisite torture of my treatment.....his mind is not destroyed but only made submissive to a new personality....He's still in there but he can no longer control anything....his new personality is in the drivers seat....."
"Then there's a chance he can....."
"Be saved? No Agent....after this treatment the change is made permanent....and she'll become a total nymphomaniac.....any man will do for her.....any time....anywhere....she has turned out quite nicely and she should fetch me a good price!!!!"
Agent Zimbalist watched as his partner was given the last treatment....he saw the immediate result as she groped at the mad physician.... he tried to look away....
"I'll kill you for this....I matter how long it takes....I'll hunt you down and kill you for what you've done to him!"
His threats were met with laughter....
"Why Agent Zimbalist, I love your spirit.....but what makes you think I was only going to transform your partner? I can't wait to see how pretty you'll turn goodness...after your treatment is complete I might even keep you for own sweet. obedient nymphomaniac....won't that be nice?"
"No you bastard.....Nooooo!"


  1. All you needed was a "Muwaaahaha!"

    For someone who is so submissive and rainbows and lollipops, you certainly have the mind to be devious and cunning! Maybe you being my assistant is rubbing off on you!

    "What have you done to me, you evil sissy? How can you be evil if you are a sissy and just blew me for your pleasure!"

    "Simple enough. I gave you a blow job that rivals every blow job you've ever had, especially ones your boring Stepford wife has given you. I am going to release you and each and every time you have sex, you are going to remember that a feminized sissy male gave you the best night of your life .. Live with that, Mister Senator! You'll be begging sissies all across this land to please you the way I did last night! Me evil? BWAHAHAHAHA!"

    1. Well Dee, you make me blush....thank you so much for the feedback!
      Maybe it would help if I went to Washington and performed my.....patriotic duties....who knows what I could accomplish!!!