Saturday, February 20, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Against His Will Part 4 - The Revenge

She missed her husband....having Jamie, and to a lesser degree, Bonny was fun but she was getting tired of it all and she missed the life she had left behind!!!! She used to love James and they shared so much and she had been sure they were soulmates but something had come between them...something had lured him away....something named Claire Robinson....that whore that worked with her James....that whore is the was her fault....she ruined two marriages!!!!
She had made her husband pay for his part by giving up his manhood and becoming her ladies maid and lesbian lover!
And poor Bobby!!!! He had just been doing his job but but she couldn't let him take her away from her Jamie after all she had gone through to transform him!!!!
After his body modification she had almost given in to his pleading but she remembered she had a good reason to punish him too!!!!
But above it all it was that bitch Claire Robinson who had started all of this and she decided that Claire Robinson had to pay for what she had done!!!!
When her two girls came in with the bound struggling figure she told them to put her in the transformation room and prepare her as they had been instructed!!!
Later when she checked the bitch was weeping as Jamie obediently fingered her to orgasm after orgasm!!!!
"So Claire, it's so nice to meet you, how often does one get to meet the person that ruined their life! And the lives of others!"
"I know're Jim's wife Susie....what's going on....ohhhh....please make them stop....ohhhh god....why am I here....what's this about...."
"You wanted to use your pussy to steal my husband, now he has a pussy of his own!!! But I think we could use a pet around here....and I think you'll make a fine've never tried the machine to transform someone like that but I'll try it on you....if it goes wrong....well I really don't care  if it goes wrong....Jamie put the bitch in the machine!!!!"
"No....please....PLEASE....oh god help me.....NO DON"T!!!!"
Her screams echoed through the house as Susie's laughter soon drowned them out!!!


  1. Mmm...This is a very kinky story, transforming these men, and that homewrecker seems like fitting punishment to me! Nice work!

    1. Thanks for the kind is always appreciated!

    2. Mond body and soul totally re-moulded